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Case Study 3 – 150 Minories

BRIEF – Initium deliver a two stage refurbishment of a large office building at the north end of Minories in The City of London.

LOCATION – 150 Minories, London
SCALE – 70,000 SQFT
BUDGET – £7,000,000
TIMESCALES – 11 months

A major design and build project to transform a 70,000 sq ft building in Minories was undertaken by our team in two phases. This building project had the added complication of being occupied whilst the refurbishment was carried out.

This initial refurbishment consisted of all new M&E, new windows and creating a new building fascia with modern external cladding. One of the key aspects of the project was to increase the sq footage of the building by building extensions to the front and back of the building and creating a useable basement space for meeting rooms, breakout spaces and a fully equipped gym.

The secondary refurbishment was an entire rebuild of the entrance and reception area to create a large cafe bar facility, a co-working area, new reception and a seated auditorium.

Original Space

   Finished Space